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Harmony with Nature

Dome Houses


Inspired by nature:

Every house in nature is spherical. Mother’s womb is the first spherical place people are being held at. Eggs hold animal species and they are also spherical. Bird nests, burrows, beehives, turtle shells and many other spaces are naturally meant to be spherical.

… Why do modern people suppose to separate themselves away from nature?

Are we limited to only live in solid jails we build ourselves?

Human is the only species that puts so much effort into the house building. However, that is not the case for everyone. Many people of different countries and cultures keep living in semi-spherical houses. These houses are simple constructed and can withstand severe climate changes.

Our innovative solution will change your imagination of residential houses. Introducing the Dome House!

It has both: simplicity in building, and modern design, as well as absolute independence of exterior energy supply. Dome houses look small from the outside but have more space inside comparing to the same size regular houses. It happens because of absence of corners which you can typically see in residential spaces nowadays.

The dome house is not a new idea of living, and people have already lived in them successfully even in worse weather conditions. However, there is a big difference in building techniques and house performance in the Dome Houses we offer today. It is the future of residential industry and you have a chance to change your way of living and enjoy the innovative residential housing. These homes vary in sizes and have a wide scope of use from cabin, cottage or meditation house to regular living house.


Walls in Dome Houses are able to keep heat more efficiently due to its spherical shape.

The solid wood structure and semi-spherical form can guarantee stability against earthquakes, strong winds, heavy rainfall and heavyweight snow loads.

Structure shell can be easily assembled or disassembled.

The time for main structure assembly is not more than two days

Even though basic design includes various self-maintaining energy sources, you still have an option to use public utilities.

Environment-friendly materials will make your life healthier